15mm WWII US Regular Army

Figure mostly from Old Glory, but there is a platoon worth from Battlefront mixed in. 

15mm WWII Italians

A platoon of Italian troops I painted up.  These are from battlefront(Flames of War).

15mm Rebel SAS

SAS in gas masks from Rebel Minis.  Painted in a very generic grey, so I can use them for Zombies, moderns, near future.

15mm Support Weapons

15mm Generic Support weapons.  These are all from GZG.

Khurasan Space Demons (Aliens)

These are Khurasan's space Demons.  Based in black, with a couple of light dry brush coats of a stone blue color, with a final highlight mixed with pearl white.  Left with a sating finish on purpose.  I'm not sure how to finish the bases yet, so I've just left them plain.